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Oil changing

We service diesel with Rotella

Treat Your Car to Premium Motor Oil

At Express 10 Minute Oil Change & Tune Up, you can make sure your car works to its best ability when our experts pump it with new, premium-grade oil. We can serve all makes and models. Your car will enjoy up to 5 quarts of new oil when you come to our garage!

Quality oil and fluid accessories

  • Oil filters

  • Chassis lube

  • Air filters

  • Washer solvent

  • Battery fluid

  • Brake fluid

  • Cooling system reservoir

  • Power steering fluid

  • Transmission fluid

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We recommend that you top off your vehicle's oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles. If you are a heavy commuter, ask us about our high-mileage oil rated up to 75,000 miles as well as full line of mobile synthetic oils.

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You owe it to your car to keep it running well. Bring your vehicle to our garage for tire inflation, interior vacuuming, hinge lubrication, and hose, light, and belt checks.



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